Era de la informacion (inglés)

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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Media in the Information Age

Definition of Information Age
Information Age is the name of a time period that born after the Spatial Age. This period treats about the informationtechnology and communication. In this period, the advances in information became faster than another age. It started in the middle part of 19th Century with the invention oftelephone and telegraph and after the information has an evolution creates the television, the computers and the internet. Due to this invents all people can be informed about everything thathappen in the world.
Where media and technology will be in 2020?
The advances in technology and media in the future could be completely different those that we know now. Becauseeverything have changes in future. I think the media and technology possibly will be digital in all aspects and use virtual technology to show us information. Also virtual grasses or ananotechnology chip that brings you all information that you want. The media and technology will be in elementary human life and if we use them correctly they give us an easy andbetter life.

Opinion of the Information Age
The information age cause a big cultural and social change in the world. Due to the new instruments and technology that it provided. TheInformation Age facilitated the people life because brings new life style. Be informed is very easy, and you can learn a lot of things only using one of the information age objectsfor example internet. Also have negative points, one of this is the excess of information because a lot of this is not true. But in general this age cause a big technological andsocial growth that helps us in everything.

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