Ergonomia en computadoras ( ingles )

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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It is shown that, when working with screens for a long time and routine, minor shortcomings eye can become more or less serious injuries. Therefore, the first recommendation when workingwith computers is subject to an ophthalmologist.
in any case, to avoid symptoms such as itching, blinking, blurred vision, eyestrain, etc., here are some recommendations.

The topof the screen should be at a height similar to that of the eyes, or slightly lower. The monitor is placed well in the optimal viewing area, between 5 and 35 degrees below the horizontal visual, andfrom which covers everything without any effort.
This avoids the over-demand of the muscles of the spine especially the neck,. resulting in headaches, back, shoulder and / or neck. To maintain theangle, the screen or table should have adjustable height and also the monitor have an inclination of at least 3 ° forward and 15 ° backward from vertical.

In the tasks involving thereading of data or text, the distance between the screen and the person must be over 40 cm and less than 70cm.

The user should always be placed in front of the monitor.
The screen must beplaced perpendicular to windows. Not in front or behind them. In the first case, looking up, it can cause glare. In the second, the natural light reflection on the glass are inevitable.
KEYBOARDBy manipulating a keyboard, his hands take a position forced out. Rapid, repetitive movements can cause tendinitis, tenosynovitis, or any associated injuries such excessive effort, especially if theworkstation is not organized adecuadamente. properly. Whenever there are more components on the market correcting this, as ergonomic keyboards or wrist.
Both groups allow access to the keys in astraight line with respect to the forearm, so that the position adopted is more natural The ergonomic keyboard also offers other advantages such as opening parties better accommodate the working angle,...
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