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Common mistakes in compositions

* for & during: “for” answers the question “how long?” “during” answers the question “when?”
* Adjectives don’t take the “s” of the plural.

* Avoidexpressions like “something like that” “something similar” “whatever” “anyway”. Writing requires precise language and these expressions are vague.

* The article “the” tends to be overused: If it doesn’trefer to one particular thing, avoid it.

* If, after a preposition, a verb follows, this verb should be in the –ING form

* Infinitive of purpose:
TO + infinitive or FOR + noun

* “But,however, on the other hand” provide contrast. You don’t use these expressions when you want to add one more idea.

* “It, this” are pronouns used to refer to a noun or an idea that comes before. Make surethere’s a noun or an idea they refer to.

* Agreement: This is incorrect:
Much obligations. Another topics. People is. Another people. Many time. Few money. This days.

* Paragraphs go aroundone main idea. You tend to write too many paragraphs.
* Watch out for verb tenses.

* Adjectives don’t take the “s” of the plural.

* Avoid expressions like “something like that” “somethingsimilar” “whatever” “anyway”. Writing requires precise language and these expressions are vague.

* Pay attention to Word order. Spanish accepts much freer word order

* Avoid repetition ofideas, words or expressions. For instance: if you find that you have repeated “from time to time” use “occasionally”. Repetition of ideas shows that you have not thought up and organised your ideasbefore writing. Repetition of words and expressions shows poor vocabulary and makes your composition boring

* The most important source of mistakes comes from translation from mother tongue. Thisvery often affects word order, wrong use of vocabulary, wrong use of prepositions and expressions. Avoid translating. Reading English without translating into Spanish will help you with your written...
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