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1. The chart is about how the Feudal System worked. The Lord grants land to the peasants in exchange of promisingthem services and payments. At the same time, Lords grant lands from the Barons with the condition of serving them in the army for 40 days a year, but the baron, at the same time, had to grant landto grant land to William, and for that, Barons promised to provide William with Lords serving his army for 40 days a year.
2. Because William had castles built all over England. Like the onesin Normandy, they consisted of a motte and a bailey. The local people were expected to defend them in times of danger. But they were nothing like the castles the Normans built.

B) RELIGION4. The PRIESTS were the men who were meant to help the people live good else. They were not allowed to marry, as they had to devote their lives to God, and they had special powers like being ableto forgive people their sins. England was divided into about 9000 parishes, and there was a priest in control of every parish.
5. A sin was something that a religion says is wrong. Apilgrimage is another way of showing you were sorry for your sins was to go on a pilgrimage to the shrine of a great saint.
6. For many of these women it was the only alternative tomarriage, and some women became nuns after they were widowed. It was very rare for peasant women to go into a nunnery.
7. If you had enough money you could try to buy your way to Heaven. Oneof the pilgrims in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales was the Pardoner. He also pardons, which not only freed people from their sins, but also meant they would go straight to Heaven.
8. I thinkthat the people was not tolerant because they threat badly the Jews because were different than them.

9. PAGE 120:
1- Everybody had a part to play. It was held several...
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