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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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She sleeps inside
She’s broken
Divided body, mind and conscience
She’sa moment
Such an innocent beautiful moment
A fragile creature that cannot be left alone.

Every demanding part of her anatomyNeeds us, needs us
Pure essence
A loving living angel

For her a Light Light in the night night
A softfabric, a soft hand, a red flower,
A hot chocomilk, a Providencia’s
freshly baked sweet bread
Means a testimony of the greatness of her GodDefinitely the only reason for her smile
Literally her words are spoken by the wind
Same as a bird learning to fly

COROSay my name
Please read my eyes again
Thanks for being yourself
For your castle, your garden, your hairWhat makes us close?
What makes us human?
What joins our hands and seeks to rule us?
Could it be love or blood or fate insearch of freedom?
Your mind is still and jet, how full is your heart.
I stand beside you and prepare to take flight
Are we to share a single wing andglide through darkness?

She dedicated her life to give
And with a smile
console and accompany
You are inspiration, anexample and so precious
So this is a tribute to your beauty, that’s a treasure.

I know that now it is difficult to
contact your...
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