Escala de kardashev

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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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The Kardashev Scale is the method for measuring how advance a civilization can be. As the video the teacher showed us began, I at least supposed humans would be a Type 1 civilization. For ourdisgrace, humanity hasn’t even reached Type 1. For us to become a Type 1 civilization, according to Kardashev and Dr. Kaku, we would need to control our planet. The way this scale makes fiction possibleand believable, it’s quite interesting. What people used to imagine back in the eighties, things that we instantly classified as impossible are not so far from now. Time traveling,teletransportation and invisibility are just some examples of ideas and thoughts that are now coming into consideration. We might think from time to time, our civilization ain’t going any further, or at least won’thave more surprising or revolutionary inventions. We should stop thinking like this, because humanity is a young specie and our civilization as we know it has a long way to go.
Our first steps intoa Type 1 civilization can be seen already. Nowadays, slow but sure, we can see how tradition is being lost. Few things remain from the actual traditional cultures of the world. We are becoming likeone unified culture. Globalization is consuming our tradition, but its taking us towards a Type 1 civilization.
This part of our history might be hard. Just as it can be the beginning of a newera, it can also mean the end of humanity as we know it. As big as this step is, it also means great risk for our specie. If we handled to make it to a Type 1, the road would be way easier. What makesthis moment so dangerous is the fact that, unlike our culture, we haven’t unified our mentality. Some of us want oil, others want gold, others want war, some others want peace, and it wouldn’tsurprise me if some other want world domination. It is our egoism, and nothing more, what will bring humanity to its end. Not until we learn how to be together, will our civilization become Type 1.
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