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What does Scotland is?
Easy; Scotland is one of the 4 countries of the United Kingdom, this one (Scotland), particularly, is the richest country of the entire island talking about its culture and history, why?, well keep reading and i promise  you´ll know it.

What’s’s History?

Scotland was an independent country till 1707 when the act of union was accorded between Englandand Scotland, making then the Grand Britain Kingdom, but Scotland haven’t changed its Legal System, being then a "Liberal Country" since its beginning

Now from the beginning:

Some mighty guy says that this country wasn’t habited at the paleolitical age, well then he says the Neanderthal man went to Scotland just about 11,000 years (a short period considering the man has about 60 millionyears on the earth) after the Ice age (yes...whit Manfred and Sith, little child) then 2000 years after they made its first settlements, and (Finally) 3000 years after the fist town appeared : Skara Brae, one island from that country, they houses was made it whit rocks, cause in that kind of islands wasn’t trees or sticks.


A few thousand years after the Rome culture takes these Lands,calling its poblators "Pictishes" cause they´d like to paint them body, so the Roman conquest takes a long time, cause the Romans can’t take care of the Pictishes, and they just can beat the pictishes cousins: The Caledonians, then a few years after: the Romans lost control on the Tribal people and the pictshes takes a 2/3 part of Scotland, it keeps like this for many time, then in the X Century the pictishes were beaten for the Gaelic culture, then this history had a lot of changes: This culture beats this other and etc,etc. 


In the XIII century England takes all the control of Scotland, and when the familiar bloodlines were broken the last king Eduard 1st of England proclaims his friend Juan de Balliol has the New King of Scotland and after a madness attack Juan tries totake control of all the island and a Legendary hero: Mel Gibs... opss!! sorry: William Wallace starts the Scotland´s Independence War and they won but... the war takes over like...Mmmm 100 years

Have you finished yet?

Nooo (shut up fucker) of course i don’t, after the war Robert the Bruce Proclaims himself has Robert 1st of Scotland (OMG another Santa Anna) and takes the country to aPolitical and Economic "good" situation, then for 6 centuries after the history repeats over, and over and over, then in 1999 England thought it a lot and says: You are free so fuck yourself  you´ll give me a lot of things and I’ll give your freedom, money and Edinburgh ( this city was from Scotland but  the English man has stooled it)

What’s about its...…. Ecology?

This country has a lot ofmountains because the Ice Age make it, it is divided in three parts:  Highlands, Central Lowlands (or central belts) and Lowlands, the first is composed whit a lot of mountains and its weather Is really cold (-26 degrees); the second one is complete template and sometimes is hot, and finally the last one is complete the same than the second, but the difference is that this last has too a lot of lakeslike LongNess where our magical friend Nessie lives other animal are too: Squirrels, Wolves, Grizzly Bears, Wild Cats and it too has a lots of kinds of threes a lot of really hugs threes.

Keep on choogling babe:

Now lets miss whit its.... Culture

It’s Music:
There is an important artistic activity, in the musical, like in the dramatically or their literature, directly from their traditionalold culture, and form others cultures….. (Fug) and their culture is just like a……….. mmmm a mole, cuz its made of a lot of chilies (like nowhere else……..), and their most representative instrument is the GAITE, a blowing instrument composed whit some tubes and a bag, this last has too more tubes on a side where the air goes out, they are some records that says that this instrument comes from...
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