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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2012
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Date: Wednesday 29th august 2012

Group Integrants
*María Elena Serna Carnero
*Alejandra Paola Ramírez Gómez
*María Fernanda Ríos Gómez

1. A bare root tree was planted on the property near the library a washlourn taught the children and adults present about thedifferent parts of a tree and now to properly plant a bare root tree.
2. Debra ley of the tree committee, said the city basically celebrates the snare way thesixth year it has observed Arbor Day and been named a tree city useful.
3. Working in the “Big Apple” it’s our duty to keep tabs on the coolest eating anddrinking spots.
4. When scientists noticed that are the oldest sake br ewers with their dry wrinkled skin still had baby soft, youthful looking bands,they knew they had discovered something exticiordinary.
5. In fact in a clinical test 100% of women who tried it had improved skin over time.
6. Man honoredfor volunteer work in Bryce canyon.
7. The care group or youth involved play piano as well as string instruments and most have worked together for manyyears.
8. Earlier this year staffers headed to brook Lyn in to participate in habitat for humanity.
9. The hairstyle list crafted “strong and confident”looks for many of the hottest featured in “the sexy dozen”.
10. You asked we found it.
11. Celebrate the 15th birthday of Silvia Venturing friend’sbeloved bags with the new book Fends Baguette’s.
12. My brother is getting married and the dress code will likely be conversation.

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