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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Topic: my mother’s routine
Your name is Ligia Cruz, she is 45 years old, her husband is Alirio Hernandez, he is my father. Her other son is mybrother Sergio.

My mother is a shop assistant but the store where she works don’t sells the clothes, the store rent the clothes. Her work’s day startat 9:00 o’clock but before she must travel in a bus at 1 hour. Then she gets up at half past five in the morning. First takes a shower also on theTV for listen to the priest Linero. After of shower she prepares the breakfast. Usually the breakfast are eggs, cheese and chocolate, but sometimes weeat cereal. When she arrives to her work and finds the partners they drink a coffee before start to organize de store. My mother’s chief is afashion designer, her specialty are wedding dresses therefore she cuts the cloth and sew clothes, after my mother dresses decorated with shiny things, butshe also helps meet clients. The have lunch hour is between half past twelve and half past one, when they are having lunch close the door and talkabout their children. In the evening she arrives the house at half past eight and prepares the dinner usually for us, because my father and my brotheroften are travelling. After she watches TV always sees novel although I don’t like. At ten o’clock she drinks coffee and goes to bed.
She works sixdays of week and the Sunday she walks to my grandmother’s house to visit although when are my father and my brother the Sunday we eat in a restaurant.
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