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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Mateo Alejandro Orozco

Correction evaluation

August 30, 2012



1.Match the correct answer.

- Where do you: read books?a. Bookshop
b. Park
c. Library
-Where do you have lunch?
a. supermarket
b. restaurant
c. museum
-Where do you buy some bread?
a. butcher’s
c. bakery
-Where do you buy food ?
a. bakery
b. bank
c. supermarket
-Where do you can see monuments?
a. museum
b. park
c. theatre
-Where doyou buy some meat?
a. bakery
b. church
c. butcher’s
-Where can you save money?
a. park
b. bank
c. hospital

2.a. The picture, I can see woman
b.the woman is sitting in front of a table
c. she is sitting on a chair
d. There is another chair in front of the woman
e. her feet are under the
f. Thewoman is holding a cup in her hands
g. On the table are laptop, a paper, a calculator, an appointment calendar, two pens and a muffin
h. the woman islooking in front of her laptop
i. the woman´s bag is under the table.

3. Read following statements and complete them with their correct occupations.* This is a person who acts in movie or play Actor
* This is a person who assembles components
* This a person that assists patients nurse
*This is a person who helps doctors with their work. nurse
* This person bakes cakes an bread baker
* This person cleans schools, banks, hospitals,etc. Servant
* He or she cooks at the restaurant chef
* This person designs buildings architect
* He or she teach subjects at school Teacher
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