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Music Helps us in Many Ways
Music in education is essential to or children, because it increases their listening, skills, and is a common method of communication forcultures worldwide.
Music is the expression of emotion, through the medium of sound. This is has become the most powerful freedom given byGod.
Music throughout history has been used to encourage spirit of worship, and to communicate with God.
Music can create a light fraternity, among large groups ofpeople. Music is the most powerful force on earth. It can make you fall in love, strike down an enemy, or weep for lost friend.
In our culture, music functions in many ways.It can make work more enjoyable, create a fraternity among men, encourage a spirit of work ship, and be an expression of freedom. It can make hard work seem easier, orrather, make it tolerable.
According to Edward O. Wilson a Harvard Socio-Biologist said, “Singing, and dancing serve to draw groups together, direct the emotions of people,and prepare them for joint action”.
Music will be the best way to feel a lot of emotion. When are listening a soft song, we relax, when listening a soundtrack of films, weremember that movie, and we remember the setting or character.
Music, in itself is a characteristic common, and unique to all cultures throughout the world. Everyculture in history includes music, as an important part of everyday life.
The best way to learn about people is through their music’s culture. When we observed and listened totheir art, and we realize: what are their histories, or what are their habits.
Without music in everyday life, the world would be an extremely hostile, and an ugly place.
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