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  • Publicado : 28 de diciembre de 2011
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Task: Internet: look for information and create web-based ESL materials

Throughout the first 5 units we have been introducing you to the world of Internet and ESL. There are thousands ofwebsites who are focused on teaching English as a Second language. This is really important as you may use them in class to complement your printed material, to prepare a whole class with an Internetactivity and /or create your material and store it for later use.

Also, during these first units we have been presenting different well-known websites you can use as resource bank for materialsyou may download and/or print and use directly in class.

In order to get used to searching for and/or creating new material and resources, we propose two activities:


• Go toGoogle and in the search Box write “ESL for Children”. From all the hits you can see, choose 10 websites and analyse the websites according to the criteria we commented on the unit. To do so, fillout the form you find in the next page. (One per website).

• Once you have analysed the websites, write a paper (5 pages maximum) about the overall impressions you got from the differentwebsites comparing your findings and the websites we provided you in this unit.


• Choose a topic you would need to teach children of 6th Primary, i.e., Animals.
• Create Materialwith the software we have seen in these first units to explore that topic. The material needs to cover the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

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