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government: The Government of Spain is the constitutional body headed by the state executive and directs the Central Government. The government relies politically Congress of Deputies through theinvestiture or censure the Prime Minister, under the parliamentary form of government established by the Spanish Constitution of 1978 , your system is the parliamentary monarchy of executive, the king isJuan Carlos I and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Rey

Spain: The Official language in Spain in Spanish but Catalunia, the Basque region and Galicia have their own languages.

People speak Catalanin Cataloni, Galician in Galicia and Euskera in the Basque region.

The Spanish language is a Romanic dialect. In the South of Spain the language had phonetic changes, for example: Andalusian,Murciano, etc. They are called subdialects.

Madrid: Is the capital city of Spain. Its population is about 5.000.000 (five million). In the northwestern part there is the central System of the hills andthe principal river is the Tajo.

People grow: Olives, grapes, fruit, vegetables and corn

Tourism is very important, people can visit “El Escorial”, “Valle de los Caidos”, etc.

[pic]Climate:Spain's climate is varied becouse of its position, its a stategic position and diferent relief of territory. The Iberian peninsula is located in a prominent place within the atmosferic generalcirculation does not remain static but there are differents moviments from north to south acording to the weather station. The peninsula is located in a temperate zone, having to be homogeneous climaticzones of mixing between areas of warm air and cold air

Religion: Most of the population of Spain (73.2%) is Catholic, although the percentage of practitioners is much lower (13.7%) .1 The22.2% of the population is not recognized in any religion (defined as atheists or unbelievers). There are also Islamic minorities, Protestants and Orthodox, whose numbers have increased recently due to...
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