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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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All about gambling
I love gambling! Risk is in my routine. I take the hard shortcuts during mountain biking. I talk to strangers on the street. I tell people how I feel. However, out of all myplays, the biggest bet lied in choosing my career path. I was the jack of three trades and master of none, so picking the right path went like rock, paper, scissors.
Business was the safe route; myparents loved the idea. I always clicked with numbers, and everyone clicks with money. As a kid I admired my uncles. They had the elegant chair, the spacious office, the flashy palm and the view out thewindow every manager deserves. Uncle Nahun and Uncle Victor introduced me to their business lives. I saved money, skimmed through the newspaper, read eccentric eBooks and thought of everything as anentrepreneur. Six months later I built my own website and started an online business. Months showed me that fun is one more thing money can’t buy. I opted for activities I enjoyed more, even if theyweren’t going to give me money.
Music was the second option. I snatched the study room’s piano every evening, and jammed my guitar afterwards. Every now and then my crises translated into a song.One of them ended in a national competition, where I got the highest grade possible. Years made the piano an extension of my hands, but years also took care of undoing what they had built. The flamedisappeared with the bad feedback, and the grown up advice everyone threw at my music.
Physics was all I had left. Since my seventh birthday astronomy grew to be more than a hobby. With that camephysics, and with physics came a possible a major. When I told people about my dreams they said I should have considered being a comedian. Back in Honduras the physics jobs are scarce, and the pay isvery close to minimum salary. I understood their point of view, but I didn’t agree. I took a risk and decided to leave the country.
As I read about different physics majors I came across engineering...
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