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  • Publicado : 10 de octubre de 2010
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Have you or any person you know bee subject to mistreatment or assault? Have you ever been involved in acts were other humans are humiliated becuse of the color of their ski, thier physicalconditions, thier gender, thier social status, or thier religion? If your answer is yes, you must be aware that you have withessed som of humanity's cruelest crime, racism, xenophopia and discrimination.

Ina word where distance is no longer a limitation to immigrate to other countries, or learning other languages is no longer a priviege of the rich and the noble, one cannot go through life separatingpeople for being different from us. These racist or disminatory acts must cerainly be erased from the face of the world. The problems of racism and discrimanation are not new. Decades ago, people wereenslaved to contruct he great deprived of their land and culture to construct the American continent. Many were people exiled from Europe because they did not share their government's religion.Africans were brought to the New Word to work in agriculture under the most inhuman conditions. Women were seen olnly as mes's companions and child bearers rather than equally worthy of education and socialand political rigths. Most recently, thousands of Muslim Americans have been segregated after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City; several thousand of immigrants from Latin America, Asia,and Africa are being attacked by new governmental policies that intend to take their rights as residents of a country that claims to be the country of liberty and equality. Dozens of reporters andtourist from European and American countries are taken as hostages or are killed to reprimand the countries they belong to as response to the war that as been hurting innocent childresn, men and womenwho were born with a handicap or who suffer terrible accidents are not given tje cance to setudy and work just because they are different, and the ser-called normal people are afraid of dealing with...
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