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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Dear SunPass Customer With This Type Of Transponder:
Account Balance Will Move From Transponder To Computer
Coming in late April, expect to see new technology improvements made within the SunPassprogram. The improved program will use an advanced, centralized computer system that will hold transponder balance information. Currently the information is being stored in each transponder. Yourtransponder still needs to be mounted/installed on your windshield and its pre-paid balance can be accessed remotely – by phone or internet. This new technology will allow you to have immediate access toyour funds after you replenish. With this change the LCD screens on the original Type III transponders will no longer display the account balance or the toll amount paid. However, these transpondersWILL STILL WORK and will continue to let you know about your account status via high and low tones when you go through SunPass lanes. Please review the table below for explanations of Type lll visualand audible alerts.

Display, LED and Tones used on Type III transponders
LCD Messages

Audio Tones
Green Green Yellow Flashing Red Flashing Red

Toll paid Toll paid (Bayway Passes) Toll paid (Account balance is less than $10) Toll was not paid Replace Batteries

Note: Whenscrolling through LCD display, the following messages will always be displayed: Cur Bal = 0.00 Last Toll = 0.00

Please visit our website at for more detailed information on yourtones or to view your account balance and account activity, update your email address and vehicles or license plates and manage your SunPass account. If you aren't on the Easy Pay program, also known asautomatic replenishment, please sign up at to make your life even easier in the SunPass lane. If you don’t know your SunPass account number and PIN (Personal Identification Number) or...
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