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10/20/30 kVA Three phase in/out



1. General 2. Tender submission requirements 3. Environmental conditions 4. System description 5. Electrical characteristics 6. Input converter 7. Battery charger 8. Inverter 9. Electronic bypass switch 10. Maintenance bypass switch 11. Battery / Battery test 12. Instrumentation13. Mechanical design 14. Acceptance 15. Documentation 16. Maintenance 17. Options for interfacing and communications 18. Parallel Operation (optional)

1. General 1.1 This specification covers the design, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of a continuous duty, 60 Hz, 30 kVA, 277/480V (or 120/208V), three phase, (four-wire with ground) uninterruptible power supplysystem complete with maintenance-free sealed battery. The uninterruptible power supply system, hereafter referred to as the UPS system, shall operate in conjunction with the existing power distribution system. In the event of an emergency it shall be able to supply independently at least 15 minutes of clean and regulated uninterruptible power for computer equipment and other critical loads. Only"True-On-Line" technology, also called Voltage Frequency Independent Operation with By-pass (VFI according to IEC 62040-3), following the IEC-62040 standard, are accepted. 1.2 The UPS system and all associated equipment and components shall be manufactured in accordance with the IEC 62040 standards. 1.3 The UPS manufacturer shall be ISO 9001:2000 certified.

2. Tender submission requirement 2.1 Thetender submission shall be in sufficient details to show compliance to the specification and shall include a full set of descriptive and technical literature on the equipment and system proposed. 2.2 • • • • The following drawings and information are to be submitted with the proposal: Functional description Dimensions, weight and heat dissipation of units Layout plan of front and rear panel.Installation drawings

3. Environmental conditions 3.1 The UPS system shall be capable of withstanding any combination of the following environment conditions in which it must operate, without mechanical or electrical damage or degradation of operating characteristics: • • • Ambient temperature :10 to 40 degrees C (not recommended for batteries) Relative Humidity :Up to 95% (non-condensing)Interference :The UPS equipment shall be provided with EMI/RFI suppression following EN-50091-2

3.2 Audible Noise - Noise generated by the UPS system under any condition of normal operation shall not exceed an allowable sound pressure level of 58 dBA @1 meter according to EN27779 3.3 Backfeed protection - For safety purposes the UPS shall be equipped with a backfeed protection contactor in the bypasscircuit, complying to IEC 62040-1. This backfeed protection shall be installed standard inside the UPS cabinet.

4. System description 4.1 The UPS system shall consist of the following major equipment: a) Rectifier b) Boost converter c) Battery charger d) Static inverter e) No-break static transfer switch f) Maintenance by-pass switch g) Battery bank h) Main control panel with LCD display 4.2 TheUPS system shall be able to operate in any of the following modes:

4.2.1 On-line Mode - During on-line operation mode, the UPS system shall be used to provide precise regulated and transient-free power to the computer equipment loads. The mains supply provides power to the input converter. The input converter shall provide regulated DC power to support the inverter and simultaneously supply thebattery charger to maintain the battery in a fully charged condition. The inverter shall convert the DC power into regulated AC power for the load. 4.2.2 ECO Mode - When the load does not require highest level of protection, the UPS shall be able to work in an energy saving mode. This mode shall be fully programmable to adapt it to the load and customer needs. When ECO mode is activated the UPS...
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