Essay 1984

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1984 essay
In our today’s society, we sometimes disagree with how we are treated; we complain about injustices, we live full of fear, and even we feel controlled. What we don’t realize, is that although we do have some details to complain about, we can’t compare it with what some past societies have lived, or could live. We can demonstrate as an example WWII. Living in the conditions that peoplelived in those times must be horrible. Not being able to believe in what you wanted or you were tortured and killed, not having freedom of speech, not being coexistent. Not being free, and having to suffer injustices that take place every second every day; now that’s a big deal.
1984, is a book were society is described horribly. It’s described as this country, where literally you where ruledby what the government wanted, not by your desires. You where just one more; you couldn’t write, think, not even feel. If you did, then you had to hold on unto the consequences. You could only love one thing, Big Brother. “You hate him. Good. The time has come for you to take the last step. You must love Big Brother. It is not enough to obey him, you must love him” (233).
Government made peoplebelieve what they wanted; they had to be right always no matter what. They were so repetitive and so observers that people actually behaved like the government wanted. People came to a phase where they lost their essence, their freedom, and their humanity. Till they were almost like robots, how can someone be considered human if you couldn’t even feel. Every type of desire was absolutelyprohibited "The sexual act, successfully performed, was rebellion. Desire was thought crime” (59).Just by looking at one of the party’s quote: “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”, we can have a picture of what mental disorders people from the book where brought into. The horrifying part, is that they actually though that this was the correct thing; they responded to what for us iswrong, right.
It is a very big contrast to compare this way of how society behaved from ours. Obviously in the past, we didn’t have as much freedom as we do now, but it did took time and struggle to get to where we are now today. Nowadays, we do have restrictions (which is good, if not, imagine what a chaos!) but thankfully we’ve got to a point where it is good to learn, to express your beliefs andwho you really are, to feel and live everything.
Highlighting the question: could 1984 society really exist?. I really do think that it could. We have already lived really things that are alike in some things. For example communism, people actually did act really similar than in the book. Society was controlled the same way. With one ruler that wanted the perfect community, and perfecteverything. Communism led people to act as the government wanted them to act. They lived in a really closed minded situation, where if you got out of order, you were killed.
We actually do live a little of what we see in the book, maybe not so drastically but surely some of it. Since we are born, we never keep with our essence. What we really think, feel, or want, vanished with time. Since the moment weenter to this world, others ideas start influencing and changing our original way of being, that at the end, makes us change. From what our parents think and tells us about, to what we see all the time in television, to all publicity, subliminal messages and information given. All the time there is something getting on your way, controlling us. If we think about it, everyone knows everythingabout us. The government knows where do we usually travel, what type of things we like to do in free time, what type of cell phones we like, and much more. We never think about it, but it is a reality, it is all a globalization that makes us be materialistic. Making us always wanting more and more. We do not live in a place where they prohibit us to love, think, or anything like that, that makes us...
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