Essay about consumerism

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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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Argumentative text
Nowadays we can see how consumerism and globalization are becoming more powerful into peoples minds. These two phenomena are based on selling and buyingactivities, and their main objective is to make the people forget necessities or culture, to buy only for pleasure or because industry and market tells they need to buy to being alive or berecognized in the society.
This two phenomena make really bad injuries into the society because it comes with an materialism idea to the people, and make that we think the onlyimportant thing in our life’s was the objects we buy , for example in our society we can see people who only live to show us they`re using luxury or brands clothes,cars,and others. Thesepeople have their minds completely full of consumerism ideas and the market already catches them.
In spite of the fact that the consumerism make people lost conscience about the realsense of life and make they live by the way of the consumer society, the consumerism have some positive aspects that for me are so important and make me think about these phenomena likea necessity of change in today`s world. This positive aspect its that the consumerism with the help of the globalization make into the world a new age of evolution, these twophenomena change the economic ideas in all the world and transform making new ideas about the industry and the market in all the countries around the world. These evolution I think wasnecessary in the world because it make the countries transform their old ways to manage their resources and create new strategies to give the society some ways to interact with the marketand find in this the things that we need diary like clothes, food, water and others; all this these things we can buy or find easy because the globalization and the consumerism
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