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Priest’s double life
It is absolutely inacceptable that the misbehavior of some priests is damaging the good image of Catholic Church. I mentioned the word “misbehavior” which is defined as abehavior that goes against the rules done by an organization. Back in time, Catholic Church wasn’t the target of criticism, but nowadays, the church has been involved in some scandals such as:  
gaypriests have come out of the closet and it have been discovered some cases in which gay priests have been linked with sexual abuse. Even though Catholic Church should have had better control of thepeople who enter there, I firmly believe priests who lead a double life should be expelled from the church.
The double life gay priests are leading is sullying the image of the Catholic Church. Accordingto Rome Diocese gay priests who have been carrying a double life should leave the priesthood since their bad behavior is compromising the image of the 1300 priests who comply satisfactorily with theirobligations. It said it has nothing against gay people but it can’t allow that they keep in the seminaries making use of the advantages church gives them. I totally agree with its position becausewhen priests decided to give their lives to serve to God, they should have thought about how serious this decision was and if they really could fulfill all requirements it involved. How unfair it isthe fact that all Catholic Church has to pay the consequences of the acts that gay priests commit.
One of the examples that justifies my point of view is the last report presented by the conservativenewsweekly called Panorama. It said it interviewed and recorded three gay priests who showed what they did. The three gay priests were recorded while they held meetings with strangers in gay clubs andbars, and also, in one of the buildings of the church. The approximate figures about the number of gays there are in the church were given by Donald Dozzens, who said there are from 25 percent to...
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