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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2012
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Nowadays, Colombia is passing through difficult times referred to the population necessities like health , salaries , jobs and education, that have turn into a problem that is important for all thecountry. Education in general have many problems, almost all generated by the terrible bad management of the government in relation with the economic resources and some laws that are against of thecitizens benefits and rights. One clear example of this education problem is the “Reforma a la ley 30 de 1992” that caused a strike in the last two months.
This strike is a representation of a strugglethat make the student for not losing their public education rights. Unfortunately or fortunately, all “struggles” have their effects or consequences, and last strike that began the 3rd of October/2011 had many good or bad effects for the students and their careers in general.
In the first place, the students got many good results with the strike and they could do what they wanted to do at thebeginning of the same, that was “To make not possible the “Reforma a la ley 30 de 1992”” . They started doing some “marches”; to show some representative acts that could do the government to understandthat the students were uncomfortable with the situation; to show their arguments and points of view in relation with the law that was presented by the government, etc . Due to these actions, thegovernment understood the situation and decided to remove the law for some time.
Another good thing that caused the strike was that the students could get a better political position because they showedthe pros and cons of the law in a very pacifically and argumentative way, so they were taken more seriously by the Colombian citizens.
In the other hand, there were some “bad” effects caused by thestrike: One of these effects was the classes loss that affected all students semester and obligate the directors of the universities to take some hasty decisions about the schedules and programs of...
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