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Mason and Jack Straw had an important decision to make. And not one of those decisions easier to realize, because that decision made them murderers. But everything is justified,they should rescue Smallwood from a crevasse and did not, but this man wasn´t an example of person throughout this adventure, he was one of the major criminals of the accident,threatening people with death and some murders committed. A good excuse to let it die, but not only that, the most important thing is that they have become "murderers"
Throughout thebook there are many options in which they must leave Smallwood. One was the murder of the pilot of the flight, because if he had not killed him, the plane would never have crashed.Without this fundamental fact, there has been no death threats, either, the several murders carried out by him. Also, left Smallwood at the crevasse in order to try to do justicenot only because those killed people, besides who were threatened and all the people who suffered because of himEscuchar
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But in the other corner, left him died in the crevasse is a sign of murder as part of them. After all, he wasa person who had the same rights as all of us. Maybe he was lost, and made a mistake, he was human as well. Nobody is perfect, perhaps Mason and jackstraw made a big mistakeletting Smallwood dies. Nobody will

In my opinion, to leave Smallwood at the crevasse was not right. I know that the most important thing was to save the girl and the machine,but for me the best option was to help Smallwood to go out of the crack and then choose the best punishment for him. Because, two people can´t decide about the life of a person.
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