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Right to the Objective Publicist Men! Nowadays the market demands intelligent advertisements to intelligent consumers because while creativity is necessary, the effectiveness is essential. A keyfactor for an advertising company, which desires to increase its income, is to arrive to the target market`s mind in a different way. Here you can find some advices that at the hour of promoting goodsor services, the publicist man has to take care.
First of all select the target; all companies are looking for the same objective which is to set the best impression on the consumer´s mind, so if theproduct that you are offering is going right to a specific part of the market, point your ads exactly to your future regular customer. However, try not to be too persuasive; what people like is tohave the control in the way that they can select the best product for them in a comfortable environment. For example it is unfortunate that children have been targeted by so much advertising on TV,especially by companies that only think of profitability instead of the well-being of their customers.
Secondly, you must consider the brand and slogan of your product; these are its letter ofpresentation. A good way to catch the consumer´s attention is creating an image or a phrase which cause an interested and curious customer. So if you have caught the customer´s attention, you have already seta difference from the competition. However, don´t forget to satisfy all exigencies of your target market because doing that you will get the acceptation and popularity of your product. Furthermore,your brand and slogan must to be original because if the consumer notices that these have been plagiarized form the competition, obviously the consumer will think that the competition is better thanyou.
Finally, try to appear wherever; don´t establish your limits, go out without fears to the market. You can´t cheat the consumer with simple actions, today there are high level of knowledge so try...
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