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The Canyon River Bridge is a task that requires specific details to ensure that the bridge’s arch has a parabolic shape. To fit those conditions,the bridge must contain accurate height and width, strong support, and sturdy material. The bridge that will be constructed will be specificallydesigned to have six lanes, support its own weight as well as the weight from the vehicles that pass through it.
Some of the designs chosen werebuilt over rapids, on top of rocky cliff walls, and the parabola was the structure that supported the lanes. In this specific case, due to the factthat the bridge might be under harsh conditions, the material that best suits this scenario is iron. As opposed to concrete, iron can resistvibrations, wind, and when it’s under good maintenance, it can be very long lasting. The parabola will be used under the lanes to provide better supportand sturdiness. To ensure that the bridge does not sink by the sand at the bottom of the river, metal bases will be placed in the sand to support theiron structure.
As mentioned before, the construction of The Canyon River Bridge is a task that requires dedication and diligence. In order tosucceed the bridge will comply with the materials listed above to ensure good quality. Even though it may not be easy to get it done, the designschosen meet most of the canyon’s details and can be easily improved. Regardless, with the cooperation of the team, this will be a memorable project.
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