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Cronological order essay: process

From Embryo to baby: A woman development of a baby in the mother´s womb.

Pregnancy is the term used to describe when a woman has a growing fetus inside of her.In most cases, the fetus grows in the uterus. Human pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, or just more than 9 months, from the start of the last menstrual period to childbirth,(NICHD,Screen 1).

A babygrows inside the womb everyday, being firstly, an embryo. Secondly, a fetus. Consecuently, in the third and last period of gestation, there is a wonderful baby and the process is finished. Now tounderstand how the development of a baby take place, it is essential to cognize about the three trimesters of a baby´s development inside the mother´s womb.

First of all, what happens during the baby´sfirst three months in the womb?. According to the University of Maryland Medical center: It lasts two weeks between the conception and birth. During these two weeks, the fetus grows and developsinside the womb which is called the gestation period. Then, from week 3 to week 12, there are many changes. The brain, the spinal cord, the heart and the gastrointestinal tract start forming. At thesame time, eyes, eyelids, ear structures, lungs, hands, feet, arms, legs, elbows, toes, start to develop and grow, and tooth buds appear. Hence, most of the parts of the body start develop during thefirst trimester of gestation.

After those weeks, more changes occur from week 13 to week 24 of gestation. By week 13, the embryo is not an embryo anymore. Now, it has become a fetus. Here, the babycan hear, make movements, and is more active with increased muscle development. Consequently, the baby begins to store fat and all of the eye parts are formed: eye,eyebrows and eyelashes. Next,footprints and fingerprints start to form. Then, air sacs start to form. For these reasons, the second trimester of gestation shows much development, mainly, of the parts of the eye and, the baby...
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