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  • Publicado : 18 de noviembre de 2011
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A discussion essay: Winning is everything?
It’s clear that many people watch at TV loads of sports and most of them are competitive. We are get usedto watch horrible fouls on football and on others sports. Winning is everything? I’m going to use as an example football to explain my opinion.Meanwhile we are watching at TV a football match is good to watch how many footballers are trying to do well their job: To score goals. The energy that ourteams make us feel when they win is enormous, in fact to be competitive it isn’t bad although many footballers or even the public when they are in acompetitive atmosphere act with a rude way. I think that only the competitiveness is good to make us encourage and then, to have more self-confidence andenergy.
On the other hand many footballers are selfish and only want to win. If this is the case is when we watch at TV fouls and insults, caused by acompetitive atmosphere. These sports stars are not good role models for society. They have to know how to win and, of course, how to lose because thisis the sport’s philosophy. They have to take care of their behavior at the pitch.
To sum up, I think that we have to know that in all things areexceptions and maybe the competitiveness makes football matches more interesting and funny, although not always is nice to see a lot of it, just theenough to create excitement. In addition, sport stars have to control their behavior to make enjoy the followers meanwhile they are doing their sport.
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