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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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I’ve always want to go Europe with my friends for some reasons. Because Europe is like dream places where you can do anything you want, the people out there make you liveexperience you have never live before and most of the things that here on Mexico are illegal in the biggest part of Europe are legal.

That why I think that most of the countriesat Europe live in peace because they don’t have problems with anything and anyone because everything is legal like for example the marihuana, this is a drug that is illegal onMexico and is causing a lot of trouble about the drug dealers on the country and this cause that are many rivals that want to take every single place on Mexico to sell theirdrugs this is one reason I would like to visit Europe with my friends.

Well another reason I want to go to Europe is because I am so tired of all the things that arehappening here on Mexico like the violence and murders, this things that are happening here are making that all the people are scare of living here Monterrey, so about all thisviolence now we can’t go out at night and that’s a problem because at this age of teenagers is when we start going out at night to parties, xv, etc. but with this problem must of theteens are scary about going out because many people have been murder cause a gun fight in the middle of the streets at night so that a big problem we are having here inMonterrey, so Europe is a lovely place where you can go out at any time you want because they don’t live like at Mexico they live in peace.

That are some reasons I would like tovisit Europe with my friends to get away some time of all the problems we are living here at Mexico.

Going to Europe
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