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  • Publicado : 22 de septiembre de 2010
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Project No. 1
Date: August-25th-2010

Subject: Lengua Extranjera
Teacher: Laura Elena Morales Garza

Juan Alonso Cantú de Alba

I.D. number:

I. Bibliographic Reference
Brown, Dan. The Da Vinci code. Doubleday, 2003.
II. Basic Story Elements
A. Setting
1. Paris, France at the Louvre museum mostly and in the Saint Sulpice church.
2. Wellthe Louvre is important because of the content of the scenery itself. The curator Jacques Sauniere and the secrets he hid all over the grand gallery for Ms. Sophie Neveau and Dr. Robert Langdon to unravel. If it weren’t for the security system he might have died without any chance of communicating with neither Sophie Neveau nor with Dr. Robert Langdon.
B. Main characters
1. Robert Langdon: FamousCryptographer from Harvard university, he is the man with the staggering task of revealing Jacques Sauniere message.
2. Jacques Sauniere: Curator of the Leuvre museum in which he found death and the overwhelming truth, that he and his colleagues had been discovered, and he would have to protect their secret.
3. Silas: An Albino who is rescued by the future Opus Dei leader, the bishop Aringarosa,that later in time will use him as a tool to help “the teacher”.
The teacher: the master mind responsible for leading the Bishop Manuel Aringarosa on to a manhunt for something someone stole from the Catholic church. He is responsible for disclosing the identity of Jacques Sauniere and his colleagues.

C. Plot.
Up until now it tells the story of 3 main characters, Robert Langdon and how heencounters himself immerse in a police investigation regarding the murder of Jacques Sauniere.

Silas is an albino outlaw that works for the Opus Dei, a Catholic group that borders on gender discrimination and has some are very conservative, strict and almost sick doctrin.

Jacques Sauniere is the curator at the Louvre museum, the secret he holds is the starting point and detonator of all theviolence and controversy that is unleashed. He turns out to be one of four members in a secret society that guards some kind of “secret”.

Sophie Neveau appears at first as a cryptographer in the Direction Centrale Police Judiciaire (DCPJ), that gives her clearance enough to interrupt a meeting between Robert Langdon and the police captain Bezu Fache so that she could give Dr. Langdon a warningmessage. After she achieves her first goal it turns out she is Jacques Sauniere’s granddaughter and he called personally for her in a hidden message he left just before he died.

Robert Langdon is a famous cryptographer from Harvard university who is in Paris for a conference on pagan symbolism. In the middle of the night he is woken up by a lieutenant from the DCPJ which summons him to theLouvre museum to “assist” captain Fache with the investigation of a person he very much admired, Jacques Sauniere. After a short while trying to decipher the meaning of Jaques Sauniere posture and blacklight ink message Sophie Neveau warns him of his fate if he remains under captain Fache supervision so she forces him to escape.

Not long before Silas puts a bullet in Mr. Sauniere’s stomach hereveals to him that the keystone is hidden inside Saint Sulpice church.

While Robert Langdon lies under Faches supervision, Silas prepares to pay a visit to the Saint Sulpice.

Thanks to the pictures captain Fache sends to the cryptograph department in hopes that they decipher the code, Sophie Neveau is able to learn the awful truth that his grandfather had been killed, and that what he saidearlier that day (Jacques Sauniere called to warn her of the danger they both might be facing) was the truth and not just another attempt to get in touch with her. When she realizes that Dr. Robert Langdon might be about to be arrested for a murder he did not commit, she explains that captain Fache is trying to pin the murder on him even though he has nothing to do with Mr. Sauniere’s death....
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