Essay, lack of free time

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The youth need free time to spend with friends, relax and have fun. They need to learn how to find appropriate, healthy activities and entertainment. Free time canteach them important skills they will need as adults.

A combination of school, homework, family visits, housework, do not permit, that the teens can enjoy of their free time, as much asthey would like to.
The school is valued as a place to the opportunity to socialize with different teens and meet up with friends. But sometimes the most teenagers are complaining to theirteachers because the amount of homework they assign. Some of them think that school education should be left in the classroom.

Modern day students have too much homework. This homework hasnegative effects on students for example: stress, lack of social life, and lack of exercise. Stress can result in such things as insomnia, acne, and depression, which can lead to even morestress. Eventually stress and its side-effects will result in long-term problems and will negatively affect a student’s life.

Other of the problems caused due to a lack of free time, ifa teen is constantly sitting down they will begin to lose fitness. Lack of exercise can cause obesity, heart disease, and loss of concentration. The two former are highly dangerous tophysical health, and the latter is necessary for a student to properly function.

They need to learn how to find appropriate, healthy activities and entertainment. Unfortunately, too muchfree time can cause problems. Not all teenagers are able to find appropriate, healthy activities and entertainment for themselves when they are not occupied and supervised.

In conclusion,too much homework results in negative side affects and traits in students. Educators should develop structured and organized homework systems to enable students to learn without the cons.
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