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Wren , a descendant of the legendary Jerle Shannara, was charged by Druid Allanon to travel to the distant island of Morrowindl and find the Elves to return them tothe Four Lands. The catch is that not one Elf had been ssaw in the Four Lands for more than a hundred years. No one in the Westlands know of them except, finally, the Addershag, who told Wren how tolocate one. Tiger Ty, the Wing Rider, carried Wren and her friend Garth to the only clear landing site on the island of Morrowindl, where the Elves might still exist. A Splinterscat, Stresa, and a TreeSqueak, Faun, help her reach the city of Arborlon. The island has become a prison since demons began appearing. Only the magic of the Loden keeps Arborlon safe, but its power is failing, and if theElves are not returned to the Westland soon, they will not survive. Wren; and Garth set out on a journey to the Westland. Ellenroh becomes fatally ill, and before she dies, she informs Wren that she isto inherit the Loden and became the Queen of the Elves after Ellenroh, though she was orphaned at birth and raised as a Rover. Upon Ellenroh's death, Eowen reveals that the demons they are trying toavoid were created as an accident by Elves. She reveals that the elves succeeded in winning most of their lost magic and to protect their nation from the Federation they created an army of replicaelves, but that they became addicted to the magic and transformed into the demons(cool). Wren leads the company with the Loden, but loses all her alliance to the demons, Drakuls, and the Wisteron(I don’tknow this typeof monster is strangely). Only Wren and Triss, Stresa, and Faun remain when the volcano on the island of Morrowindl erupts, destroying the island. Tiger Ty gathers the small company andflees Morrowindl, where Wren restores Arborlon to its original location in the Westland.This Book doesn t like me is excessively unreal.

1-characterization:are the methods that...
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