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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2012
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Well, music for me is one of the most important things in my life, it’s something that I do every single day, for example when I’m listening music on my way to the university orplaying guitar on my house, I always carry music with me, I love listening music as making it.
I also find music very de-stressing when I have my own problem, it just makes me forget about everything, islike been teleported to another world, is like become a stranger without problems, just music.
The cool thing about music is that is infinite, because there’s an amazing variety of genres, we haveRock, blues, comedy music, grunge, country, easy listening, African, avant-garde, modern folk, hip hop & rap, R&B, jazz, Latin American, pop, ska, electronic, etc. From all this genres there area lot of variations of genres like for example one that I like a lot is alternative rock.
Something that I also like about music are the live concerts, is a completely different experience thanlisten it from your ipod, it’s so much better to listen it live directly from the musicians, and also you got the chance to be in a incredibly big crowd of people that have the same taste in music, isjust awesome, you can share a lot with them and talk about music.
One plan that I have for the future is that when I’ll be graduated from college and have my own business, If I have the chance I wouldlove to have my own musical studio, I see that idea as a great opportunity of winning a lot of money and to learn a lot from the bands that there will be recording their music in the studio, and alsoto have the chance to discover new bands.
-Choosing your favorite song for alarm everyday to go to the university it will surely make you happy from the first moments youwake up. If you would like to start your day vigorously and be ready for the activities ahead, listen to the music you love, in my case rock music. The song that I have for alarm is my generation...
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