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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2010
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By Adriana Julieth Osorio Cossio of International business
The influence of policy on the development of economic activities of multinational enterprises involves conceptssuch as: the state, power, political ideologies, rulers, society, laws, culture, ethics and morals. For this reason I will begin by speaking of the state as the main development of this theme:Regarding the state and the compartment of the leaders, begin with the concept of state: The state is a political concept that refers to a form of social organization and coercive sovereign,consisting of a set of institutions involuntary, which has the power to regulate national life in a particular territory. But, really that is the meaning of state?
Through the years the role ofgovernment is based on power and the inability to evolve in it structure and functioning, except for its growth. The state has been analyzed from different perceptions as an Anarchist, Marxist, liberal andhave operated under different political ideologies including democracy and totalitarianism, considered an institution that influences individuals in ideological form which includes: government, theadministration, army, police, courts, prisons, and so on, which constitute what is known as the repressive apparatus of the State ( running from violence bythe power that is awarded for being who directs the society and result of culture, morality and ethics of it. This clearly shows the relationship of the State with multinational enterprises and theenvironment in which they operate, because they are outside the State with POWER to manage the economy, therefore, just as the state was born in and the industrial revolution, businesses were born andthey have changed the pace at which society has changed and meet market demand with the various political and legal environments in different countries where they operate.

Given the above the...
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