Essay of political theory

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Introduction: I will explain the different forms of government about Rome and Greece and we will see what is the one that looks like about our form of government first it is necessary to know thedifferent forms of governments in Rome and Greece to respond the question that i choose and is: the basis of the government begin in Greece and Rome. Do you believe the way of the government was createdwith justice and equality? Why or Why not?
Social ace we now “the life and organization plows primary biological survival devices”, I understand from that, that we need to live in society andorganization, we need to have rules, obligations and people that we need to love. Hellens or what we now Greece is the place where start the Political theory to disciplined investigation ofproblems. Greece profits not to constitute a unified state, each you take care of a constitute in an independent state: City-state. The Greek political City states was under different forms of communities inwhich modern men live that it requires not small effort of the imagination to picture its social and political life. The City-state was exceedingly small both area and in population. Social wasdivided in 3 classes: in the bottom of the social scale were the slaves, of all the inhabitants of Athens perhaps to third be slaves. The second group in a Greek City was composed of the residentsforeigners or metics and the third wells important was the body of citizens or those who plows members of the political City and entitled to take part in its life, this was to privilege attained by birth, forto Greek remained to citizen of the City to which his parents belonged. Essential the governing bodies of council Athens were the of five hundred and the courts with to their large popular chosenjuries. In Rome since 753 b.c to 509 b.c was dominated by the monarchy but as of year 509 to the 27 b.C began to be governed by a republic that was based on the balance of three organs that were...
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