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“Life isn’t easy”
We all know that life is uphill sometimes. And that as long as we’re growing, more difficult is our life because we become more independents. But, what happenwhen you’re a teenager with adult’s problems? Sometimes life gives us hard shots that are impossible to avoid. But Precious, a teenage girl that life gave her many thumps confrontedthem.
Precious was a young women that had suffering of physical, sexual and psychological abuse by her parents since she was a little girl. She can’t study in a normal schoolbecause she is pregnant for second time, product of her father rape. Precious couldn’t finish the high school, and for that situation, she is in a alternative school called: “Each OneTeach One” there where people with different situations like Precious. Her life was so hard. I feel sorry for her. She’s trying to get ahead, but her mother says the school doesn’t work.Her father died of AIDS and her mother has addictions. But looking of positive way, she also has persons around her that support her like: teachers, some neighbors and schoolmates that give her the support she needs. After she had her second child, she moved from her home to another place. To Precious this situation isn’t easy. She dreamed of being anHollywood celebrity and that stuff. She’s always got flashbacks about herself dancing or in a red carpet greeting the other celebrities. That helps her to leave the horrible reality.
IfI were in her place, probably I’d kill myself because I would think that I not deserve to live or I would think that love was not for me, or nobody loves me or cares of me. But shedidn’t do that. Precious was strong. I hope she was able to fulfill her dream. She expects a good future with their children. Always looking forward, and never looking back!
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