Essay of traditions

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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Each culture have their own traditions, some of them are made by society, other by religions. These activities are considered divine by make some sacrifices.Fasting is one of these traditions considered as an important tradition by Abrahamic religions and as a sacrifice where people increase spiritually their soul and getcloser in the divine field. Believers do this tradition to get some spiritual life and have a well soul.
Nevertheless, most activities with a relation aboutmaterialism are against of principle about fasting. Brake fasting is going to get an idea about the desire of pleasure or materialism. But, it’s necessary practice thissacrifice for being well with oneself, especially with own soul; because we don’t care about what own soul need to get one more step with divine life. Always peoplehave needed to practice this ancient tradition even today.
One religious life exceptional to follow is Thomas Merton’s life whose was rich in religious life asmonk. He developed the skill for writing which wrote books about ascetic life and against of nuclear weapons, evens his biography. Furthermore, he followed someascetic practices like pray, loneliness, and stop smoking, drinking, including fasting. With these achievements, he is recognized like one of the writers aboutspirituality more influential in twentieth century.
Therefore, have a balance with body and soul is next to divine life. It’s important practice this traditions to notforget them and get this spirituality. Remember that human being have a part physical and other spiritual. The next step to feel good is found own soul and fasting.