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Yorkín High School
Tenth Grade
Summary: 3
April, 30th 2011

A Summary of "Us and Them"
Ariel Sánchez Montealegre

The selection “Us and Them” was wrote by David Sedaris. DavidSedaris basses many of his stories, essays and short stories on his own life experiences. Many of Sedaris’s essays are also about of the people in his life. “Us and Them” is about an experience thatSedaris had when he was a child, he tells it as he is a child, but his viewpoints and opinions look like he is speaking as an adult.
The family of the young Sedaris lived in New York, but they movedto North Carolina when David was in third grade. For David, the place where he lived New York was very different from the one in North Carolina, the place where he lives now. He says that in NewYork, they lived in the country, with no sidewalks or streetlights; it was a lonely place. But, in North Carolina, there where many other houses, and there also were people in those houses.
Themost part of the neighbors just sat in their living rooms, watching TV. But, a man named Mr. Tomkey, who did not believe in television, owned the only place that was seemed truly different. Mr. Tomkeyand his family didn’t had a television, and the young Sedaris was intrigued by what they did instead of watching television, he wanted to know, so, he started spying them.
In the Tomkey familywere: Mr. Tomkey (the dad), Mrs Tomkey (the mom), and two kids. The kids were about the age of David, and they attended to the same school. Sedaris thought that the Tomkeys were ignorant and weirdbecause they didn’t watched TV, so, he thought once of helping them at the school, but he preferred to keep watching and analyzing them.
The Tomkeys were on a trip the day of Halloween, so, theydidn’t celebrated it at the town were they lived, and David noticed it. The next day, David started hating the Tomkeys because they started asking for candies that day, and David didn’t liked it. He...
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