Essay of a vindication of the rights of women

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The education is a right for all

One of the most important aspects of the society of all the times is the education. In her masterpiece, “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” MaryWollstonecraft (1759-1797), talks, in a very detailed and specific way, about how she thinks the education of her times is and how it has to be according to her. From my point of view the education isnot just a luxury but it is one of the principal rights that every person must have. In her work the authoress expresses her concert about this fundamental topic. She is always worried about the waythat the women are treated by the men and are considered by them just like as domestic brutes. In all her work she tries to convince her readers that women also are reasonable beings and they deservean education that has to be equal or unless similar to the men’s education.

According to Wollstonecraft the children of both sexes should study together. Both of them must have the sameopportunities in order to reach the same knowledge level. If girls have the same kind of education as boys when they grow up they would be able to be useful beings for the society like Wollstonecraft says “Wereboys and girls permitted to pursue the same studies together, those graceful decencies might early be inculcated which produce modesty without those sexual distinctions that taint the mind” (AVindication for the Rights of Women, 1792). It means it would give girls more self confidence. By the way they could be considered more important in their families, they could afford to get a better positionin the society and maybe, why not, they could obtain a good job. I believe that the fact of giving the same opportunities to all the members of a society improve a better global develop in many ways.Through her essay she quotes Rousseau and criticizes his position about the education of a “good woman”. Rousseau in his Emile or On education considers that “the education of the women should...
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