Essay on international sports event

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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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As everybody knows a global sports competition will soon take place in our city. Certainly these kinds of events have some outstanding aspects as well asdrawbacks. The theme has been discussed in class and I have been asked to write about it.

Some classmates expressed their views. One of them suggested that these celebrations attract the bestathletes, in any kind of sport, who try to do their utmost to achieve their aims. In my view that is true as only the best competitors are allowed to participate and all sports are represented in there.Another student said that these kinds of events are only an excuse for the media to fill their screens and publications with articles, talks and images about the Games. I am in two minds about that,because on the one hand, I believe that media make a great profit from activities like this. But, on the other, I do not feel that this is the main goal of these events. Just look at the history ofthese events. First, the media not even exist so it is clear that this was not the reason for celebrating them.

Finally someone commented on the fact that the richest countries beat the underdog. Tomy mind, this is not always the case, as biggest countries may have more facilities to train their participants, but the ones from less developed countries train in more unfavourable conditions athome.

Referring to the positive points of handling these competitions, the first one I can think of is that it puts the local city on the map. With reference to the city again, it is a beneficialinvestment. Although at first the city has to put money into having all the equipment required, in the end, tourism and the attention received makes the benefit beat the investment. In theory, theseevents ease political relationships. However, in practise, this is not always the case.

In conclusion, I would say that competitions like that have more advantages than shortcomings. The efforts...