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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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The promotion of anorexia (Pro-Ana) is a movement that help the girls to be anorexic with tips and provide “thinspiration”- the ritualized exchange of images andquotes meant to inspire reader to be thin- to achieve and unhealthy goal weight. The Pro-Ana sites promote starving and expose to young girls to this disease.
The magazine,television, and models are part of this too. Pro-Ana sites are affecting our friends, sisters and daughters. With over of 300,000 of this blog polluting the Internet and theminds of anorexia victims worldwide, we should start our movement against them.
Fortunately there are so many persons that are helping to combat this movement “Pro-Anasites are nothing new. There are many platforms for blogging and social networking; there are more space where this conversations are happening” says Claire Mysko, the head ofthe National Eating Disorders Association’s (NEDA) “Proud2BMe” site.
“If they are 300,000 we will be 500,000”- Franca Sozzani the Editor of Italian Vogue magazine, who ismaking a movement calling “Anti-Ana” which are blogs that helps the victims and make them think about their health. She compare the Pro-Ana with children’s traffic” Why arewe so outraged and disgusted by pedophile sites and do absolutely nothing against sites that are instruct people to cut themselves and feel pain to distract their attentionfrom food or throw up and let themselves die. Isn’t this a crime too?”
in the society of our days the internet should be a tool to help each other to overcome things thatare destructive, no to impulse them. So, lets do something about it, if we know someone who is fighting with this disease, we must try to help them, and make a better world.