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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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Name: Jorge Armando Ramos de la Garza | Student´s number: 2647052 |
Course title:English Vl | Teacher’s name:Jorge Ceballos de la Rosa |
Module:Module 2 Unit 6 Religion | Activity:Homework 6Religion |
Date: 03/03/11 | Team: |
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Title: ReligulousIntroduction: The movie talked about the ridiculous that are all the religions and the kind of people than believe in that stuff, the mean character was a little rude about his comments but they allwere rational and logical in all the aspects, questioning the people with his since of humor about the things that they believe.

Development: The movie was a reflex of a person that doesn’thave faith and is questioning himself and questioning other kind of people the reason behind they faith and that they explain it to someone full with doubt.

My point of view about religion is thatthey are some kind of different philosophies with different stories about their god; my opinion is that all the religions pray the same god and I believe in god, but the religions are organizations madeof men, is like they make an story and tell the people what they believe that saw. We now as grown up teen agers know that some of the great things or acts of heroism are illusions, the world is fullof illusions made be people that want to believe in something or someone, the movie almost though me that they are like 8 or 10 gods that born in December 25 the day characteristic to be the day inthat the sun born, so is very popular in the stories about gods.

The movie criticized the way in that some people that advantage of weak mind and make them followers of their faith, those people usethem to make money and attract others followers, certantly they are people that act that way but they are others that really believe in what they believe so they strongly hold the idea that they are...
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