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  • Publicado : 10 de agosto de 2010
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Many women are a staple to the workforce. Is this better or worse for their families?
(Women are necessary in today’s workforce, but their families may be suffering.) In myopinion, it could be both. Depending on the case, a woman could be very dedicated and obsessive to succeed in her work; therefore, she can forget and be careless about her family which isactually a frequent reason from many divorces and disagreements between family members.
Also, we have a positive point of view from this, which is in fact, the woman’s feelingsand her attitude when they are succeeding in their career (professional lives). As a woman can feel that sense of strength and confidence in herself, she reflects that to peoplearound her, therefore, her family and her she and her family could have an incredible relationship between them.
Based on my grandmother’s experience, family’s support given to a womanwhen she is fighting to accomplish her goals is really significant in most of the events and decisions that she has to pass through. Thus, at the end of her long way to reach hergoal, she will feel strongly connected with her family, so she won’t become a conflict for any of them in any manner, keeping that trust she felt from them in the worst moments.
Itis substantial to keep in mind(EXCELLENT), the fact that women’s families also need things from them in certain moments. The key is to just keep the balance in everything that theydo, be organized in what they do, and be unbiased with their time and pay attention to which things are needed more from them in the specific moment to maintain the relationshipworking as it should. To conclude, Nowadays, women definitely are a key piece to the workforce, no matter which country or culture they come from, they are an important part of society.
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