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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2012
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Alicia Guerra. 10° J. Piaget
The United State’s government has adefinite budget on specific issues. In order to sustain normal activity of a state and its citizens, as well as to provide high standards of living for its population, the government should spends thevast majority of its funds on solving social issues, such as improving education, developing science and promoting economy. I think that travelling outer space cost a lot of money. The governmentcould finance some other alternative activity. Some people believed that money spend on space research benefits, other people believed that there are better opportunities for the spending this amount ofmoney.
Well is true that now we have more technology and we should use for travel on space to discover more about out of the earth, I think that travelling to the space is more about investigated,however, space exploration is important in many ways technology such as the news on television is made available by satellites, or what would be life without cell phones or internet! Is incredible howhumans can be so curious to discover this things and whit the money of whom? Our money.
Our money is supposed to benefits us, to have better place to live, to have better education, etc. However,it’s important that government spend money in our country. People thinks that government should solves problems for right here first and then from outside, the truth is that we have so much problems thatwe can imagine like poverty, lake of food, diseases, a growing population, unemployment, inequality… and this is just a few of them. This affects a lot of people over the earth. I think that they spenda lot of money to conquer other planets and maybe they will destroy it because, while we haven’t been able to solve our own problems least we solve problems from other planet, don’t you think?...
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