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Tourism is the business activity connected with providing accommodation, services and entertainment for people who are visiting a place for pleasure. In somecountries, tourism is not only the principal industry but also the most powerful. Even though, is seemed to give positive effects, should countries encourage tourism? Have you ever considered itsadvantages and disadvantages?

In the first place, one point in favor is that many people claim that tourism is an important source of income. If a country has a lot of touristic places, many foreigntravelers will visit it and so, invest their money. The effects are supposed to be the ideal: a well-developed country. In addition to this, as the government should cover all the jobs related with thisactivity, there will be a strong demand of employment. Local people will start working for example, at hotels, in restaurants, in museums as tour guides and also in shops.

Furthermore, tourismallows people to experience other cultures. The learning of a new culture is both for the visitors and for the inhabitants. The tourist can learn about history, customs, laws and nature and can also studyor improve a language while enjoying the beautiful places and views. What is more, the local people can observe in order to know more about the foreigners. As a result, there is an interchange ofcultures.

However, being a touristic country has several drawbacks. To begin with, a country’s economy may become so dependent on tourism that it is weakened. A further common criticism of this, isthat the government does not develop other activities such as agriculture or cattle raising because it is only interested in tourism. For this reason, it is difficult to commercialize, export and import.Furthermore, the impact of tourism may destroy the local way of life. It is obvious that the local people depend on what visitors want. In other words, they work for them at any moment in spite...