Essay why did the industrial revolution happened first in england?

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Why did the industrial revolution happened first in

The theme that is going to be treated is probably the most important period in the history of the human been, because without thisrevolution we probably had not advance in technology, in politics, in trade, in science and in other very important aspects that we would not have today. For explaining why England was the first inindustrialise we are going to use this themes: A small island, raw materials, investment, empires and colonies, inventions and agricultural revolution.

As it was mentioned before, one of the aspectsthat helped England with its development was the factor of being a small island, being a small island had various advantages. England was very lucky in this aspect because is a small territory allcovered around by the sea. This helped the country to industrialise because they lived in a relative peace so they did not had to spend all the money in expensive army. England had a very strong navy; oneof the main reasons of this was that they trade a lot with South America, so they had brand new ships that were very strong, and if for some reason they were invaded, because of the size of the islandit was very easy to defend. Because of this they did not have to worry about this problem, so they mostly spend the money in inventions, in agriculture and in investment. All this aspects helped toraise the population to construct new cities or to have new inventions like flying shuttle or the spinning jenny.

Another aspect that was important was the raw materials. This made England anindustry, an industry that produced its own things and with its own materials. With these materials they constructed factories, entire cities, they build ships, canals for transportation, rail ways,they made new inventions, and with these materials they made England the biggest industry at that time. Not only that, now could they trade with other countries. Without this materials England would...
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