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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2010
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Have you ever stopped to think how would be the life without technology? Almost all the people use the technology in the daily life. To do the homework, prepare thebreakfast; go to the work, even when you’re doing exercise. But, do you know what effects does it invents produce in the society? How can affect you the use of acomputer, play videogames, or watch TV?
At the same time that you’re doing your homework in your computer easier than without a computer you are affecting your body. Beforethe people had to walk to the library to look for an investigation, now the people only with a few clicks can do a lot of things. In consequence, they have a lot of timeto chat, watch movies and a lot of things that do not help the body.
In this time play videogames is not only a hobby, is an addiction in a lot of young people.They expend a lot of time in this activities. They are forgetting the old games like play soccer or ride the bike. But the worst of this habit is that when they areplaying videogames they eat a lot of unhealthy food.
Watch TV is a good way to have a good time, but in this time the programs are not good. Is a lot of violence in theTV, pornography, drugs, and bad words. All this thinks can confuse the young people. I think it is a reason because the young is different that was before. Now a lot ofthese guys can’t have a good conversation. They text a lot of time and they don’t talk directly with the persons.
From the information given, you can do your ownreflection about how to use the technology. But the most important is that it doesn’t affect your life. You should control the technology and not the technology control you.
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