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I believe that my university studies will affect my career in the future in three different ways. It would increase my incomes. Because I can get better job opportunities. Obtaining a high qualitylife style, by allowing me to meet interesting people and places. And the most important, I will become a more educated person, and be distinguished over the common people. However, to climb to the top,as I have always wanted, I must study the career that will help me achieve my goals. It is Business Administration.
First of all, the economy matter. When I graduate or even before graduating, Ican start earning more money. Although, I have work experience in a diversity of fields. As a professional, I will be asked to fill better job positions. Which can be as a General Manager, or even itwill be possible to open my own business. In addition, my english will be a good part of my success. Due to the fact that in my native country “Colombia”, there are just a few people, who can read,speak, and understand foreign languages fluently. Therefore, I am certain that if I combine both career and high knowledge of a foreign language. My chances of becoming successful are very optimistic. IfI study, I would have the capacity to require for an excellent salary.
Also, becoming a business administrator will help me increasing my life style. In spite of the fact that, I have to do it onmy own. This would really assist me getting to know interesting people such as company presidents, owners, managers, and other team workers who put the logistic part of a business together to make itsuccessful. Furthermore, meet wonderful places and be part of important meetings and well recognized events.
Finally, this learning experience will make me a well educated person, who would have agreat capacity of handling a business or a company. To lead co-workers, and be capable to make good decisions. Also, get recognition from employees and colleagues.
In conclusion, as I already...
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