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During the pregnancy there are few women that come to the hospital with any disease, for the common come for the prenatal control, and other when to arrive whit the doctor the find out that exist anyproblem but not is serious.

The nursing principally give the recommendation for to care pregnancy women.


* Take the much water because it is necessary for the skin, the kidney and tobe healthy.
* Have a blood test to check the components and discard any disease and detect the seriously problems how: shypillis, HIV, hepatitis B.
* Eat a healthy diet. Include foods rich incalcium, folic acid and eat fruits for the fetuses to grow healthy.
* Check any symptoms to the vaginal infection.
* To go the doctor for the prenatal control.


* To do very muchexercise
* Load heavy things
* Eat many fats
* To eat salt
* To strike her abdomen
* To take alcohol, caffeine, cola soda.
* To be in contact with animals because it iscause of diseases how toxoplamosis.
* Take the dangerous medicine and control medicine.


* Smoking tabaco
* To consume any drogs how cocaine, amphetamines, marihuana, etc.
* Usethe exact cloths and slippers.


* To realize any activity that helps your pregnancy women.
* To listen the classical music and speak whit the fetuses for beginning thecommunication mom-son.
* Think the baby name for to begin to call him by his name.


A. Home birth is becoming to be carried out popular in Europe and here in Mexico is very difficult butalso is becoming to increase this birth, some hospital give this option available the rich women or the women that have the possibility to pay healthy team. However it is important to only for the womenbut also for the family in general. This tape birth have many risk because in the home not exist the safety measure.

B. The main benefit of a birth home is that the labor is more comfortable...
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