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1. Mind Map
2. Outline
3. Composition
4. General Conclusion

1. Mind Map

2. Outline

1. I want to introduce this topic by telling you that not onlysegregation is to discriminate a person because of a few differences.
1. Is to divide to races.
2. Is to create different spaces to different people.
3. Is to think that other people are under alayer of us.
4. In conclusion, because of many things, we can discriminate others.

2. The segregation is being punished by the law, in many ways.
2.1 All people are the same according tothe law.
2.2 Only by the instinct of the humans we have to respect.
2.3 In conclusion the state is helping the society problems.

3. Segregation can affect the tourism, which isfundamental to have a stable economy.
1. One of the principal ways of getting money of Colombia is because of the tourism.
2. Is important to have a good number of tourists coming into Colombia peryear, so that Colombia can reach the standard goals.
3. Colombia has to have a good reputation, so tourist can think in Colombia as an opportunity to travel.
4. In conclusion segregation canaffect many facts in a country.

4. Is good to say that segregation in USA is different of segregation in Colombia.
1. The USA segregation is harder and more noticeable.
2. That is one ofthe reasons that justify the bad stay strangers receive when they went to USA.
3. In conclusion USA is a country that is loosing tourists because of the stranger’s segregation.

5. Inconclusion, segregation is a race division that affects all people.
1. It affects the black because of its skin.
2. It affects the rich because not all people have money.
3. It affects thestranger because of the problems of its country
4. So… if segregation affects all people, all people have the labor to end the segregation, starting with our homes.

3. Composition

I want to...
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