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  • Publicado : 2 de noviembre de 2011
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Heraldo, Abreu Social10-1 06/MAY/2011
Erin Neil
In a democracy society like in Canada, all people should betreated equally, have the same opportunities, and be listened by the federal Government, but what happen if someone is not treated as an equals, the issues are dismissed because the government thinkthat they are not seem to be so important?. This quote write by a Canadian first nations guy, called Matthew Coon Come, the Grand Chief of the Assembly of first nations. The quote is saying that thenative people had been going through all this issues to get what the government had been omitted, so they decide to take by other ways. For being ignored, for not being listened the first nations have totake matters into and try to be louder to be listened. This source is showing a negative perspective, because it is taken the justice by the hands and by the creation of violent protests andbarricades. This source links to globalization in a social and political way, because it involves the insurrection of the first nation’s people of all Canada and the entire world to claim their lands andrights. But there was other way to do the things like is constant talking with someone in the parliament, do pacific protests continuously and not to be so drastic. This issue with the governmentindifference is getting bigger, the first nations are fighting back for all the injustice and it is taking part in the entire world.
The government indifference to the problems of the first nation people inCanada is out of control, now they not remember anything about the past 500 years where the first nations were pushed out of their lands, their families. This federal government only cares about makingmoney at expense of the first nation lands. One example of the government lack of importance about the first nations is the Oka crisis in March 1990. They barricaded a road and occupied an area of...
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