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In the movie Iron man, there are many problems that surround the basic concept of moral. The moral problem that stands out the most is making the right decisions and the future effects that thesedecisions could possibly have. This moral problem is something that disturbs the main character Tony Stark throughout the movie. A kidnapping and one woman show him what he finally has to do.
In firstplace, Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer. Tony is a person who does not care much about other people. He just enjoys his life without stop for a while andthinks about if he is on the right way. But one day all changed, Tony is kidnapping and during his capture there is a man who teaches him about life and the importance to think about the people who arearound him. Contrary to his popular idea, all Tony’s inventions are used to defend his country. His captors have been using his military weapons inventions to kill people, and that makes him thinksabout the decision to shut down his multinational corporation to avoid corporate crime and terrorism.
In the second place, the relationship that is most prevalent throughout the movie is that betweenTony and his personal assistant Pepper Pots. Pepper is always helpful to Tony, in almost all circumstances. This relationship is an important component which plays a key role in Tony’s right decisions.Pepper shows him the highly valued of loyalty, the importance of life, and optimism through the hardships. As long as Tony observes these invaluable qualities he knows in his heart these are right. So,he focus his entirely work to build a powered suit of armor to save the world.
Although Tony thinks that life is only for enjoying, right decisions are important for the future effects that couldpossibly have. The truth of this statement should be clear from the example of the man who knew when he was kidnapping and the personal assistant Pepper, where important basic moral concepts caused...
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